Slow Cook Chicken Breast

slow cook chicken breast

4 Vegetable Portion Crockpot Slow Cook Chicken Breast

You have just completed cooking dinner. The aroma of the cooking is strong and your mind is full of thoughts about dinner. Do you enjoy the meal so far? If so, then your next step is to check for chicken recipes.

Most people enjoy eating chicken, especially if they have cooked it in a delicious way using a good sauce. There are many different kinds of sauces, some are even made from scratch using ingredients straight from home. A quick search online and you will find hundreds of these recipes and they range in complexity from a few simple soups to elaborate and very complicated sauces. The purpose of a recipe is usually to allow you to make a tasty dish on your own so that you can use it whenever you desire.

A quick search on the internet and you will find numerous crockpot Slow Cook Chicken Breast recipes using low sodium chicken broth.

The most popular is probably the black bean soup, which is a tasty adaptation of the classic chili powder. In this recipe, beans are roasted along with chopped onions, garlic, cumin, dried oregano, and dried chili powder, all of which work together to give you a spicy blend that will have your taste buds dancing.

If you prefer to try a traditional crockpot recipe for chicken, then you will also be in for a treat. In this recipe, you will slow cook boneless, skinless chicken in a covered container until the pieces reach the desired cooking temperature. Place the chicken on one side of the pan and cover it tightly. Bring the temperature down to about 150 degrees and continue to cook for about three to four hours, turning the chicken once during the process. When it becomes tender, remove the chicken from the Crockpot and shred the insides with a knife or bread knife.

You can make adjustments to this recipe to create different protein portions.

If you want to add extra vegetables to the mix, then by all means add the extra vegetables before or after the cooking process. This will create a delicious layered effect and will increase the enjoyment level of the dish for everyone. If you prefer your chicken to be rare, then feel free to reduce the cooking time by a few minutes, but be sure to add the spices and peppers at the end to give it a kick of color and to ensure the dish is more interesting.

Depending on how thick you want your chicken to be, you can also cook it in different ways. If you wish to cook the meat in its own juices, simply drain the chicken and season accordingly, as well as shred the insides using a knife. If you’d like a more textured product, place the pieces of meat on top of one another and allow them to cook for five minutes to break them down. When they are soft, add the vegetable mixture, toss them in the crockpot, and cover until the vegetables are cooked through.

If you don’t have a crockpot, you can use a pressure cooker to cook the ingredients.

Just be sure that the lid is on tightly and that the pot is placed on the stove on the top rack so the heat can reach all sides. Add all the ingredients to the crockpot and follow the directions on the box to cook the ingredients to perfection.

There you have it – four vegetable servings from just one crockpot! It really is very convenient and quick to prepare, as well as healthy. Don’t forget to send your family off to their new diet today! Enjoy slow cooker chicken breast and vegetable recipes like this one.

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