How to Cook Turkey Breast the Right Way

How to Cook Turkey Breast the Right Way

How to Cook Turkey Breast the Right Way

So you want to learn how to cook a turkey breast. There are two ways to do it. You can either build a grill or an electric frying pan. And yes, I said an electric frying pan. There are several reasons why this method is superior. Here they are.

One reason is the fact that it is easier to make sure your meat cooks properly. Unlike other methods such as boiling and grilling, frying ensures even cooking and doesn’t dry out the meat. So there is no need to double wrap it or add liquid salt after it’s done in the oil. You just drain it and make sure it goes in with the rest of the meal. Also, when you are done cooking the turkey breast, you don’t have to worry about the salt splashing on your veggies or your bread because the oil drizzles over the entire surface and no part of the chicken is exposed to more than the oil.

This is one of the best reasons to use an electric skillet. It also helps cut down on the mess.

What if you happen to have drippings from the fried foods? You don’t have to go back for another round. Simply drain it and the side dishes will be ready to go with your next meal.

This method is also gentler on the joints and thighs. Because it cooks the bird inside out, the juices are retained in the bird. This preserves the natural flavor and doesn’t change the taste of the meat in any way. Because it cooks the turkey breast in its own juices, it is virtually impossible to overcook it. This is good because if you overcook it, you’ll end up with dry, rubbery pieces that lose their moist flavor very quickly.

Because the skin is exposed, the bird can be covered with the help of a plastic bag before being placed into the pot of marinara or cream sauce with the olive oil mixture. Let this sauce mixture cool while blending it with two cups of flour. Once blended, the resulting thick paste can be applied to the breast and cooked for about two hours, or until the breast side registers approximately 170 degrees on the inside. About fifteen minutes before the meal is served, uncover the breasts and fluff them up with a fork.

How to cook a turkey breast using this technique is similar to how to cook a turkey breast using the traditional method, except that you add the frozen vegetables along with the chicken and olive oil mixture.

Once the breasts are warm and the thawed veggies are softened, drain them and add them to the warm mixture. Cover the warm vegetables until they are completely warm, but not hot, and then stir in the remaining ingredients. Fifteen minutes before serving, uncover the breasts and fluff them up with a fork.

How to cook a turkey breast continues with a variation on the brined approach to cooking. Using brine, a person makes a brine by mixing in three parts distilled white vinegar, one cup of salt, and two tablespoons of celery seedless grape seed oil. A pound per pound is the standard for bringing. Cover the breasts and let them soak for about three hours, turning them over several times to continue soaking.

For more complete information on brined turkeys, read How to Cook Turkey Breast Properly by Jean Gudakunst.

The book provides all the necessary background on making prints and a variety of other interesting techniques. The recipes are easy to follow and provide plenty of insight on the best way to season food to add to any meal. The book also has an extensive glossary of food terms, which is very handy to reference when cooking. Also, the Nutrition facts page includes details on how to identify high and low-quality meat for consumption, how to measure the portion size to get the right nutrition, and much more.

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