How To Cook Tofu

How To Cook Tofu

How to Cook Tofu is Easy When You Know What to Do

How to cook tofu is a question that many have asked at one time or another. The real question is not so much how to cook tofu but what to do with it once you have it cooked. After all, most people just grab the package and add it to a stir fry, add some sauce, stir again until it’s done. It gets old real quick and tastes kind of bland.

Your preference for tofu probably comes down to texture. Like it best when it’s crisp and firm on the outside yet soft and silky on the inside. Whether it’s fried or baked, plain or flavored, this is our favorite way to cook tofu each time it’s out of the oven. Let’s look at how to cook the best crispy tofu for your recipe.

The easiest way to make crispy tofu is by using a deep fryer. These are the machines we use to cook all kinds of foods from eggs to burgers and hot dogs.

Just heat it in the oil in the pan you want to fry, add your desired mix of spices and peppers and adjust the heat to the desired level. Stir constantly and when it’s done, just toss it into a strainer and it goes straight into our mouths fresh from the fryer.

Some people find that oven frying doesn’t deliver the same texture and flavor they’re used to when they purchase tofu in the supermarket. For these folks, there are other methods to pierce the fiber of the thick slice and draw out the flavor. Soy sauce works well as a coating for baked, roasted, or sauteed tofu. It coats it lightly and provides a little bit of thickness while locking in the moisture. Another option is to try soaking the tofu in water or another liquid such as apple cider vinegar. This brings out the natural flavors and gives it a slightly alkaline benefit.

The most common technique for cooking tofu is frying. There are many different techniques for how to cook tofu and each accomplishes a different degree of crispiness.

The simplest is to just cook the tofu in one layer with oil until it’s golden brown. If desired crunchiness is desired, add another layer of oil and allow it to slowly cook until it becomes opaque. Once the desired crispness is achieved, remove the second layer, and slice it into single layers for easy serving.

When the desired temperature has been reached, place the slices on top of each other and turn them over so that they are fully flipped. For even cooking, the chef can utilize either a tofu press or an air fryer. Using either method, the tofu will be cooked in just seconds. Air fryers come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate several single-layer cakes while a press only has room for one layer but several thin layers.

A quick way to make baked tofu is to place it in the microwave instead of using a frying pan.

Even though this takes a bit longer, it is a much quicker cooking method than traditional methods. This makes it a perfect cooking solution for busy individuals who do not have the time to prepare a healthy meal. When the oil gets hot, it seals in nutrients and flavors from the outer layers of the patties and makes them taste delicious.

The final step in cooking is to remove any excess moisture by using a steamer. Steamers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can come in a couple of different capacities. Some are designed to hold just a few cups whereas others can handle hundreds of cups at a time. Either way, it is the easiest and most efficient way of cooking tofu. Tofu can be cooked with varying degrees of heat depending on your preference and can easily be prepared in advance or chilled until needed.

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