How To Cook Steak On Electric Grill

How To Cook Steak On Electric Grill

How to Cook Steak on Electric Grill – 3 Delicious Tips

Are you wondering how to cook steak on an electric grill? Many people, who are not cooking in an oven, prefer to pull out the gas and add the steak to it. There is no harm in doing that as long as you know how to cook steak on an electric grill and have all the necessary equipment ready before starting your steak grilling adventure.

The first thing that you will need for your preparation is a grill that can handle the amount of food you want to cook. You must be sure that it is well grated so that you will be able to cut it into pieces. You must also make sure that it has sides which is an added advantage for the easy removal of the pieces.

Once you have the grill grated, now is the time to start preparing the other important items for your preparation. The ingredients that you will use must be oil-free and grease-free so that they can slide easily onto the grill. They must also be arranged in a way so that it can be easier to brush over the top of the meat when it comes to the preparation stage.

When the grill grates are already grated, you are now ready to remove the pieces of steak as they come up.

It is recommended that you place the steak on the bottom side of the grill. This is done so that the heat will be distributed evenly onto the steak. Make sure to cook the steak for the same amount of time regardless if you are using more or less oil on your grill.

As soon as the steak is almost half done, the next step on how to cook steak on an electric grill is the flipping process. The steak on the grill must be flipped carefully so that it doesn’t burn on the grill. You must cover the food with aluminum foil once it has been flipped. Don’t forget to move the foil around to surround the steak once it’s turned over. Turn the grill off and allow it to sit for five to ten minutes to cool before serving.

The steak should now be cooked, but to make sure it is really cooked well, it’s advisable to keep it for another couple of hours to let the juices inside the meat absorb. If you find that the juice is gone already, re-cover the piece of meat.

To serve, you should place it on a plate, along with the other ingredients mentioned above. Before cutting into the food, make sure to wash both the knife and the cutting board using cold water. After that, you can now serve your freshly cooked steak.

When it comes to eating, this is definitely one of the best ways on how to cook steak on an electric grill.

This method guarantees that you’ll get a steak that is cooked rare or medium-rare without having to wait. As a matter of fact, medium rare is one step below medium. What you need to do is turn your steak over and flip it over so that it is partially done. Let your guests decide whether they want the steak cooked rare, medium, or rare.

To make sure that your steak tastes good, you may also want to use a basting brush. You can brush the grilled meat with the brush all over, starting from the top. Then, use a fork to take the majority of the juices up from the bottom and fling it onto the fork. Serve immediately when it is ready.

To finish off your meal, serve your guests with fresh, chilled juices. Some would even enjoy it on ice. The great thing about the grill is that it allows you to experiment with your meal. When you want to know how to cook steak on electric grill tips, you don’t necessarily have to go out and purchase a new device. Simply use what you already have!

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