How to Cook Spam And Eggs

How to Cook Spam And Eggs

How to Cook Spam and Eggs – The Proper Way

Do you ever find yourself wondering how to cook spam and eggs? This may sound like a foreign question to you but you really can’t do without this at times. You see, it’s one of those fantastic dishes that come along once in a lifetime.

It is made from ground round type of mung beans and white chilies which are cooked together through the steam or frying method. The preparation is best done while the eggs are still on the shell but not too much so that they lose their shape.

Let us know first how to cook spam and eggs through the different techniques listed below:

The first technique on how to cook spam and eggs is the frying method. In this method, all you have to do is to fry the eggs in a skillet with the spice powder and tomatoes if using it. You may have to do some adjustments here and there depending on the size of your frying pan but this is an effective way of cooking. Make sure though that you choose the right frying oil. For smaller pancakes and waffles, you can use canola oil but for large ones, it would be better to use grapeseed oil.

Another technique on how to cook spam and eggs is to poach them. In this method, you will need lard or vegetable oil for this one and shallots for seasoning. You can also add the tomatoes and garlic cloves if using them. All you have to do here is to let the eggs sit in the oil for about an hour or so. When you think it is ready, just pop them into your frying pan and cook away.

If you are wondering how to cook spam and eggs through the different poaching methods, you will be happy to know that there are numerous ways of doing so. One of which is by boiling. In doing so, you will have to first drain the cooked eggs out. Then, you can throw away the rinds if using them and then continue to boil the water. As for the tomatoes, you can cut them up finely and then keep them aside for a few minutes until the juice starts to come out of them.

Then, you can place the tomatoes in a mixing bowl and start blending it with the milk and the spices if using them.

Once blended well, you can add the sugar and cream if using them. Stir well so that everything stays together. Then, you can pour the mixture over the cooked eggs and let them sit for about five minutes before removing them from the heat. Then, you can serve it with toast or slice the toast and serve it on the bun.

If you are thinking how to cook spam and eggs without the yolks, you can try cooking the latter by using ham. Just slice the ham into thin slices. You can then fry it in a little oil until it becomes brown. Remove it from the pan and place it on top of the cooked eggs. Afterward, you can sprinkle the pepper and salt onto it. Serve it with toast.

How to cook spam and eggs may be simple but it will taste so much better if served right. To make sure that it tastes good, you should ensure that it is cooked properly. Cooking it properly will give you a taste that you will not forget. In addition, you can also prevent the ingredients from spoiling if you know how to cook it the proper way. In other words, you can prevent your family from getting sick by knowing how to cook spam and eggs.

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