How To Cook Ribs On The Grill

How To Cook Ribs On The Grill

How To Cook Ribs On The Grill

If you’re looking for how to cook ribs on the grill, there are lots of options out there. Baby back ribs are probably the easiest and most popular to find. They’re usually smaller, grater-friendly, and leaner than others. These are my how-to-cook ribs on the grill tips.

Spareribs: These are usually larger, with more connective tissue, so after cooking on the grill for an extended period of time, they’ll become very dry, almost burnt. When grilling spareribs, it’s important to protect them from burning by putting them on a baking sheet with aluminum foil on top. Be sure to flip regularly to cook the meat. Also, don’t put too much weight on the ribs while you are grilling as the pressure can cause the meat to stick or fall apart. Once prepared, slice into thin chunks and serve with homemade barbecue sauce.

Barbeque Rub: The rub you use on your ribs will depend on what kind of meat you have, what kind of barbecue you are making, and the weather conditions.

Typically, a good quality rub is made from kosher salt, black pepper, paprika, mustard, and onion powder. If you are grilling brisket, add the spice mixture one teaspoon at a time to the meat and rub well, letting the mixture soak into the meat before wrapping it in foil to marinade. For pork, use the same rub, but make sure you only apply a little at a time.

Baking In A Basket: To cook ribs in a baking pan, prepare a large baking pan filled with water and bring to a boil. Place the meat into the boiling water and turn to allow excess water to evaporate. Remove the ribs from the baking pan and allow to sit for two hours.

Grill Ribs On The Grill: While rib racks are great for cooking ribs in a traditional charcoal or gas grill, it is also possible to grill them directly on the grill.

This method works best when using a gas grill, which allows you to cook the meat directly on the foil, rather than covering the ribs with a foil coat. If using a charcoal grill, be sure to pre-heat the oven before attempting this technique. Keep in mind that indirect heat from the grill causes the charcoal to burn easily, so be careful when turning the rib rack.

Cook Your Own BBQ Sauce: Barbecue sauce can be prepared in a food processor, blender, or juicer. If you have never made your own barbecue sauce, it is very easy to do. Simply combine ingredients in a small bowl, and apply sauce to the cooked ribs as they come out of the grill. For a BBQ flavor, add apple juice, honey, and lemon juice to the sauce after the meat is done grilling. It is best to keep the sauce for up to a day after the event because the longer it is stored, the more vinegar and sweetness will be lost.

Quick, And Easy Tips To How To Cook Ribs On The Grill: Many of these tips can be done in just one hour or less, depending on the type of grill ribs you use and how they are prepared.

When grilling hot dogs, it is wise to cook them in one large slab instead of several smaller ones. Once the dogs are fully cooked, place them on a large rack to cool. Before serving, place a slice of cheese on the top to enhance the flavor of the sandwich. For maximum deliciousness, serve the sandwiches on an unheated bbq grill rack.

If desired, marinate the meat. Use a mixture of beef drippings and Worcestershire sauce (or any red sauce, like Frank’s Red Sauce from Big Green Egg) to coat the ribs once they have been cooked. Place the marinade in a zip lock bag and refrigerate for up to one week. Unwrap the bag and heat the marinade mixture to make it hot. Then, use the marinade to rub into the meat, surrounding it with a breadcrumb mixture, and then refrigerate for up to two hours before cooking.

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