How To Cook Jasmine Rice

how to cook jasmine rice

How to Cook Jasmine Rice – The Easy Way

How to cook jasmine rice in a traditional Thai dinner is not a very difficult question. Jasmine rice has been called Thai fragrant rice or Jasmin rice for the reason that Jasmine flowers look like small fragrant petals of rice when they are being cooked. Also, it is known as long-grain white rice so it is usually much thinner than other kinds of rice. The rice can be consumed in any way that one would like as long as one follows some traditions in preparing it.

Most people know how to cook jasmine rice. This is because the Jasmine flower has become one of the most popular flowers used in Asian cuisine. For this, we will not be looking at cooking the rice using Jasmine Rice recipes. Instead, we are going to look at another popular way of cooking Jasmine rice.

Traditional Jasmine dishes use Jasmine flower in one way or another. In fact, the dish uses the Jasmine flower almost exclusively with very few exceptions.

Traditional recipes only use Jasmine flower or its extract in one way: serving it in a glass of very pure water and serving the rice in a separate container of very little water. Obviously, both these types of recipes require much less water than what is actually required by most Jasmine recipes online.

As a result, cooking the rice in these ways requires much less water than is actually needed. This allows for the traditional Jasmine dish of warm Jasmine tea or serving hot jasmine tea with a side of steamed vegetables, with less mess than if you had simply used white rice. And it also allows you to use less starch, making for a bowl of lighter and fluffier rice.

Let’s start with how to cook Jasmine rice in a pan. Place rice in a small saucepan and gently place rice into the bottom and up the side of the pan.

Cover all of the rice with a lid but leave some exposed bottom surface exposed. Bring the water to a boil over the top of the rice. Remove the lid, remove the cinnamon sticks, and discard the rest of the spice.

To make this method of cooking jasmine rice in a rice cooker easier, we need to make several changes.

First, place all of the spice and the sugar into separate saucepans, one on top of the other. Bring water to a boil again over the top of the spices and sugar. While that is going on, switch the cooking temperature of the water on the stove so that it is slightly higher than the original water temperature.

Once both of these things are done, place the spices and sugar back into their saucepans and let them steep for about 10 minutes.

Once they are done steeping, remove them from their heat source and transfer everything into a clean mesh basket. Place this in your food processor or blender (if you have one) and process all of this mixture until it becomes a thick consistency.

Now, to cook your jasmine rice, you will want to bring the broth to a boil. Reduce the flame and cover the pot, making sure that the lid is closed tightly. Add the steamed vegetables to the hot broth and stir until everything is blended.

When your rice has finished cooking, add the sugar and ginger to your taste, and mix thoroughly. Bring the temperature down to around simmer and continue to mix until the sugar dissolves completely.

Once this is done, remove the pot from heat. Cover your pot tightly, but allow a little water to run if needed. Switch on your gas burner and bring the flame to a slow simmer once more.

Once the liquid finishes boiling, remove the lid and carefully lift the pot from the heat source. Let this cool down for about ten minutes before re-covering it. Once the water runs out, re-pressure cooker your Jasmine rice by placing the cooked rice on the bottom of the pot and pouring the hot water from the bottom of the pot into the strainer. Make sure the lid is closed tightly and place it in your electric pressure cooker.

Use a wooden spoon to turn the rice over so that it is on top of the cooking strainer. Replace the lid and gently swirl so that all sides are coated evenly. If you find that the glass lid is sticking, use the tongs to turn the jasmine rice over so it is coating all sides with the cooking oil. Use your tongs again to flip the rice over so it is now coated with the drippings and is now ready to be served.

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