How To Cook A Turkey Breast In Your Slow Cooker

how to cook a turkey breast

How To Cook A Turkey Breast In Your Slow Cooker

How to cook a turkey breast? Many people would think that this is a dish that only a chef can create. However, it is actually quite simple if you have the proper equipment. Instant Pot Turkey Breast really is simple to create, great for small holiday gatherings, and impressible enough to serve.

This classic Christmas roast dish can be served as an appetizer, a dinner meal, or even as part of a holiday feast. The method of cooking a turkey breast is just a matter of varying the cooking techniques used. The difference between a traditional roast and this version is in the manner in which the meat is prepared. Here is how to cook a turkey breast using an instant pot.

To begin, remove the outer skin of the turkey breast by making sure the fat separates from the muscle tissue.

You will notice that the turkey gravy has formed as you continue to squeeze out the juices. Once the fat has been removed, you can cut the neck of the thigh bones and cut through the thigh and into the stomach. If the fat gets trapped in the pot while cooking, then you can release the pressure and add the cooking liquid into the pot.

While the liquid cooks, add the sweet potatoes to the cooking liquid along with the rest of the ingredients necessary for the recipe. Bring the pot to a boil and then lower the lid so that the steam can circulate inside. Continue to simmer the mixture for approximately five minutes, or until the potatoes are soft. Once done, remove the turkey breast from the liquid and then cut it into thin slices.

If desired, you can also dice the pieces and serve the cooked pieces on top of your baked potatoes.

For the most basic instructions for this dish, you will want to marinate the breasts overnight in buttermilk and garlic. In this preparation, you will want to soak the turkey breast overnight, but make sure they are not soaked with water. In your next step, you will want to dice the meat, making sure you cut through the skin to create a nice marinade.

Next, in the morning, drain the meat into a bowl and place it into your crockpot. Add your onions, bell pepper, cayenne, salt, and pepper to the mix, and then set the crockpot on the flame. To keep the mixture from burning, you will want to turn the valve down to medium-low.

Allow the mixture to come to a boil and cover for about ten minutes. In the meantime, make sure you remove your pit beef and add your parsley and thyme to the crockpot as well. Once you have done all of this, you will want to serve your delicious and healthy homemade tomato and gravy mixture.

This recipe for How to Cook a Turkey Breast uses very simple seasonings and ingredients.

What makes it really special is that you can actually use these same items year after year. The base is dark meat, which can range from dark roast to turkey breast. What you love about this hearty dish is the fact that you can find so many different ways to incorporate it into your Thanksgiving feasts. One of the easiest ways to do this is to substitute the tomato sauce for a more mild Rosemary or thyme based gravy.

To ensure that your slow cooker chicken and turkey gravy reach its full flavor potential, slow cooker you will want to add your juices while the ingredients are in the slow cooker.

For instance, if you are making a batch of stuffed brats, you would add your juices to the slow cooker along with your flour, onions, sage, and thyme. You can also add your juice to the liquid and mix thoroughly. Once mixed you will then add your liquid mixture to your flour and place your oven on the “poaching” function. Let your cookware get warm and wait for your veggies to be cooked.

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