How To Cook A Steak On The Grill

How To Cook A Steak On The Grill

How To Cook A Steak On The Grill

Learning how to cook a steak on the grill can seem like an overwhelming task. But with a little preparation and the right technique, even the most novice of cooks can have a steak that is juicy and delicious! Several essential grilling techniques should be used when cooking a steak on the grill. And once you have mastered these techniques, you will know how to cook a steak on the grill without problem or bother.

When you start cooking your steak on the grill, start by checking for doneness. Most people do not check their steak for doneness until it is almost completely done. By cooking your steak to medium-rare, you can ensure that the meat is neither too pink nor too dark. Many people will cook their steaks to get them the juiciest possible piece, but by cooking to medium rare you will also be ensuring that your steak is not too tough.

Another step when cooking a steak on the grill is to remove it from the grill as soon as it is done.

This will allow for faster cooking in the oven or the cold fridge. Once your steak has been removed from the grill, be sure to give it a good cleaning up. Use a brush or paper towel to carefully wipe away any drippings and then return the piece to the grill.

Before you begin cooking your steak on the grill, be sure to remove any visible marinade. You may be surprised at how much flavor your steak loses when it is cooked on the grill for too long without being marinaded. Some people think that you need to refrigerate your steak while it is cooking on the grill, but this is not true.

In fact, the best way to cook a steak on the grill is to leave it in its original container and let it sit on the open flame of a barbecue grill for as long as possible. This will maximize the amount of time your steak will take to cook to a medium-rare level.

The easiest way to cook a steak on the grill is to use an offset grill which is easier to use than a full-size one.

If you do not have an offset grill with a warming rack attached, you will want to place the piece of meat on top of the grill in its original packaging. Set the temperature to medium-rare and cover the piece with foil to keep the meat from burning. You can add a little bit of your favorite marinade or sauce at this point.

You will begin cooking your steak by flipping it over so that the grain of the meat has the side closest to the grill going up. Work the steak up until it is about halfway up the grill. If it looks raw and firm, flip it over again and leave it cooking in the same position. Do this for each side until your steak becomes medium-rare.

Once your steak is cooked to your desired degree, remove it from the grill.

Pat it dry and allow it to cool. Place it in a large zip lock bag and refrigerate it until ready to serve. When opening the bag, make sure to squeeze out all of the juice and juices that came from the grill. When using the bag, add salt and pepper to taste. Bring the bag to room temperature and restore it in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve.

Learning how to cook a steak on the grill can be a fun and easy meal for the whole family. The next time you are looking for an easy way to prepare a meal for your family, consider grilling. Your guests will be surprised when they see how quick and easy this meal is. Your family will love the taste and find it to be one of their favorites as well. Best of all, you will not need a lot of extra time or money to prepare a delicious meal that they will rave about for years to come.

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