How Cook Turkey in Oven

how cook turkey in oven

How to Cook Turkey In Oven Properly To Ensure Your Bird Is Healthy

How to cook a turkey in the oven safely for your family and that special dinner. It is not as hard as it sounds but it does take a bit of practice and planning. I am not talking about the time-consuming tasks of baking but preparations and clean up. You need to keep your family healthy while still having a tasty meal. If you are one who likes to spend time cooking and then eating, you will have a blast with how to cook a turkey in the oven.

How to cook a turkey in the oven depends entirely on what type of meat you have and how much you want to cook. For those who are up for some excitement about how to cook the turkey the traditional method of cooking is to brown the bird in the oven, butter or vegetable oil over the top. You can also opt for vegetable stock to give your gravy an extra kick. How to make gravy is not that complicated. Just take a bit of flour, milk, and browned meat and mix them, and let the mixture cool.

How Cook Turkey in Oven – How to make a homemade gravy using all-natural butter and onion is so easy.

The only thing you need to start your kitchen cabinet and your family’s kitchen is the whole turkey, onions, salt, and pepper. This is one of the easiest ways to send your dinner packing. If you like to host house parties, your guests would definitely love to dine in your very own kitchen and this homemade gravy recipe is sure to make your party a hit.

If you like to have that crunchy, juicy bird in your mouth then you need to dry out the skin and rub it gently with salt and pepper. The more you wait, the tougher and drier the meat becomes. Use either a basting brush or an old toothbrush to apply the dry rub to the turkey’s breast. You need to do this up to one hour before you bake the turkey. If you find that you are unable to get that perfect golden-brown finish on the bird then you may have to give the coating some time to air out.

After one hour, turn the oven on and preheat it. When the oven reaches the appropriate temperature you should put the turkey in and cover it tightly. It is advised that you bake the bird for around one hour in the preheated oven. If you think you are not that patient then you can leave the oven on for around two hours.

Now that you have successfully baked the bird, you need to move on to the next step which is to put the gravy on.

If you are looking for a particularly moist and flavorful gravy then you will want to go with a light and pale gravy. Dark and rich gravy will not work well when you are looking to cook a turkey in one hour. For the best results, you should use a mixture of two tablespoons of flour and two tablespoons of butter.

To avoid the bird from drying out completely, you should make sure that you baste the bird every hour. The best part about baking turkeys one hour prior is that they are very forgiving. Once they are basted you simply continue to cook the rest of the meal. Many people like to serve this leftover gravy with baked potatoes or potato salad. The great thing about homemade gravy is that you can adjust its consistency to what you like.

If you are having guests over you can easily prepare a delicious meal and still keep everyone happy because you can bake the bird for them. When you invite people over, be sure to provide them with a fresh-baked turkey. Not only will your dinner guests enjoy the taste of homemade gravy, but it is healthy for them to eat as well. You and your family will love eating this every time. Just imagine how happy your family will be when they ask for a second helping the next time you cook a turkey.

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