Cook Steak in Pan

Cook Steak in Pan

How to Cook Steak in Pan

Many of us love to cook steak on the grill but often question how healthy this is. Burgers without oil are fine, but when cooking steak on a grill with oil, we wonder if it is too healthy. The answer is yes, it is still healthy provided you avoid too much fat. There is no way you can cook steak without oil. This article will explain why.

Before you begin, ensure that your steak is still coming up to room temperature from the fridge and let it come up to room temperature an hour before cooking or grilling it in cold. You then need to ensure your pan, grill or barbecue is very hot before you start cooking it this will help to roast the meat, vital for a fabulous crust. If you want to cook the steak evenly and not use a lot of oil, use a thin metal spatula to slide it across the plate. As the oil will cook away, you will be able to see the grill marks easily. If you do not have a spatula, your fork will do just fine.

Some people prefer to cook their steaks in the oven, but if you are going to do this, you must remember that you want to cook the meat in a little oil.

Olive oil is perfect for sous vide cooking. It will give the steak a little bit of an olive twist and help seal in the flavors. If using olive oil, be sure and remove any red meat bones as well as the fat that surround them. Using a wire rack is best for sous vide cooking as it helps keep the moisture down.

To begin your cooking, place the steak on the lower rack of the oven. Close the oven’s door and set the timer for about two hours. Remove the steak from the pan and place on a wire rack to finish cooking. In the sous vide mode, this means that you will place the steak in the pot with the legs attached at the bottom. Place the pot with the lid on the third rack of the oven and steam the meat to reach the desired doneness.

If you prefer to cook sizzling steak on the stovetop, you can place the steak on the cast iron skillet with the ventilated bottom. If using a cast-iron skillet, pre-heat on low heat. When the skillet is hot enough, turn the stovetop on and cook for about one hour. If the steak remains dry, remove it from the skillet and place it on a paper towel to absorb the excessive drips.

If you want to cook medium-rare, always cook the steak on the high setting.

Do not open the lid of the pot, until the internal temperature reaches about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, be sure to leave some room in the pan to allow the juices to flow into the steak. Leaving the lid closed may cause the juices to boil, which could result in overcooked steak.

When the steak is done in the sous vide mode, it should be ready to serve. Bring the pot to a simmer and add the vegetables to the pot. Lower the oven’s thermostat to bring the pot back to a warm temperature. Place the whole thing in the oven and continue cooking for about 1 hour to complete the cooking process. If desired, open the lid of the pot to continue cooking the vegetables.

Once the vegetables are almost fully cooked, remove them from the oven and let them cool down. Unwrap the steak and wrap it in aluminum foil, placing it in the pot, and refrigerate until it is time to serve. When your guests arrive, they will be surprised to see that it was prepared at a low temperature, easily defrosting at a moment’s notice. In fact, this method can be used for just about any kind of meat or vegetable.

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