Welcome to my kitchen!



Hi, welcome to Koushatarabar. First of all this blog is dedicated to every person and sharing information also experience and knowledge that I learned in my kitchen or other cooking class and the world wide web.

I really hope that this blog can bring you enlightenment or just a bit of knowledge that can improve your cooking skills. I understand the first time when I have to force to cook for myself and my small 3 person family, so I can tight the budget. First, it’s very time consuming, such as preparing ingredients, experiments; many times failed and waste resources, at a point I thought that it’s pointless and more expensive than I rather bought food from restaurants or McDonalds! 

But, with a little bit determined and support from my family, so then I continue cooking, learning, failed many times, until now. I can create many recipes and with efficient cooking time and ingredients. Right now, I’m still learning and experiments, there are lots of room in the cooking world to improve, we just need to be open, start with the simple cooking recipe!

This site is also open for collaboration! Use the contact form page to reach me.